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10 reasons

10 reasons

10 +1 reasons for your stay in one of out apartments.

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In the City of Vienna

In the City of Vienna

Vienna isn’t only the capital of Austria, but also an entity of culture and class within Europe. As a centre and home of most famous classical composers, like Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Straus, Vienna offers more then 50 theatres and operas.

From our Sky Apartments, you are only 10 min. away from our known city-opera, the art-house “Albertina”, the “Kunsthistorischen Museum”, the concert house Palais-Hübner, and many more culture-events.

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Kosher-Apartments (adapted to rules)

Kosher-Apartments (adapted to rules)

With a bath, 42m²-63m

Our kosher apartments are spacious apartments for your business trip or your whole family. The kitchen has two different sinks for meaty and dairy products, as we have 'toiveled' dishes which you can get to your room upon request. A starter-set of disposable dishes is also available.

Please note that the rooms are not Kosher 'lekatchila' since we can't guarantee what guests do in their private rooms. Please contact your local Rabbi on how to cover the stove, or to double wrap food in the microwave.

The rooms are brand new and bright with a lot of natural light coming in. Three of our kosher apartments have a balcony and there is our main terrace if you would like to relax outside.
In your apartments you’ll find guides around Vienna to find the nearest Synagogue or kosher restaurants. Gladly our friendly staff will help you around to guide you to your wished destination. It is our foremost goal to make you feel right at home. We are looking forward to seeing you here soon.

Mrs. Hager and your Sky Team


Kosher Kitchen
Kitchen Apartment 3
Dining Room Ap.3
Dining Room Ap.3
Bedroom Ap. 7
Bedroom Ap. 7
Bedroom Ap. 7
Apartment 7
Kitchen Ap 7
Bathroom Amenities
Apartment 16
Balcony Ap. 7


Appartment 3 - Apartments-Kosher (adapted to rules) - Skyapartments Vienna
Appartment 3
Appartment 7 -Apartments-Kosher (adapted to rules) - Skyapartments Vienna
Appartment 7
Appartment 8 - Apartments-Kosher (adapted to rules) - Skyapartments Vienna
Appartment 8
Appartment 16 - Apartments-Kosher (adapted to rules) - Skyapartments Vienna
Appartment 16

Rates - Kosher Apartments

Kosher Apartments are Appartment 3, 7, 8 and 16. 

Please have a look at Single-Apartment Superior, Double-Apartment Superior and Apartment-Suite.

Rates Apartement Suite

Up to 14 days:    € 99 - € 199
Over 14 days:     € 80 - € 250

These raters include all local federal taxes.